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Thursday, November 18, 2004

We've Had Our Fill Of Roadkill

One of the things they don't do here that they do on LI is clean up road kill - ever. The most effort I've seen is the dead animal slung up on the shoulder of the road if it's blocking traffic.. Someone hit a beaver a few months ago shortly after we moved here. Beavers are NOT this size of bunnies in case you don't know - they're actually about 60 lbs. Anyhow, since it's a road we frequent we get to see it - or what's left of it - quite often. I kick myself for not getting David to skin it - free fur! But we do get the entertainment of watching it disintergrate and left to it's own devices, a body takes a very very VERY long time to disappear. First it poofed up big and then the next week even bigger. This was followed by deflation, infestation and flattened out. It's almost gone now, you can't even tell what it was. Everyday a little bit more disppears, it's just a sad little smudge on the side of the road.  And there's all sorts of roadkill here, I've seen just about every indigenous animal ka-powed on the road except for birds. And there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of birds around here anyhow, I've seen some Canadian geese and there's that annoying woodpecker that taps on  my bedroom wall at the precise moment I fall asleep, but other than that not much in the way of avian life.  Tons of deer however! And the deer hate Vincent for some reason which we find hilarious to say the least. We don't worry about Vincent being roadkill because he would have to move away from the door for that to happen. Jackson is going to be roadkill if he doenst get his grades up - he's failing both science and math - we're getting on him a little, but after having moved twice in 6months we can give him a little grace period. Just a little side note - Kim found a copy of that tape of the house of WV so she gets at least 6 Brownie Points! Thank you!

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