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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


When we first moved in the Homeowners Association gave us permission to remove the large tree in our yard.. It was about 15 feet higher than the house and dead. When Ray was here he thought we should take it down now - if we get a large storm it could fall and hit the roof, so yesterday David and Jackson took it down. They had a great time since the entire activity involved Mayhem and Destruction of An Incredibly Huge Object. They had ropes and sharp objects going,  Jackson was having an especially good time swinging the axe. They got hung up at one point - there was just a little bit left on the bottom, but that small part was like iron(#5). I suggested they give it up as it was getting dark but they refused to back down from our Enemy of Wood. After more chainsaw, ropes and pushing they managed to bring down the main trunk so now our entire backyard is a mess, branches and logs all over. David will be cutting it up for firewood, one of the other reasons we took it down now. The last picture is David and Copper relaxing, Copper being all tuckered out from supervising and barking. In other news Wayne Memorial called yesterday to arrange for me to come in for paperwork, physical and of course drug screening. I've been drug screened so much in the past year everytime I see a jar I want to pee in it. I wasn't sure I'd been hired til they called so I acted cool like I knew it all along. I've got two more weeks at Moses Taylor, two long weeks I might add. The whole thing is very nerve wracking as it's two weeks to do something Very Wrong so every shift is just one more day to get through.

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