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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Say Cheese! (Cake!)

The weekend went well - I slept not too good Friday morning - I was too excited about guests!! and was a bit nervous about the dentist. I had TWO crowns put in, I've got temporaries and the one in the way back is shiny metal so I spent most of the weekend making gang signs at Diane since I now have a rapper tooth.. Janet and Di arrived around 7 pm - just in time for the roast chicken to be done and then we sat around the fire, drinking wine, watching tv and talking. Everyone was tired so we all went to bed early and of course everyone was up at a ridiculously early time the next morning. Well, some of us. The rain started before dawn but we're hardy souls in Pennsylvania and can shop in any weather. We drove out to the Pocono Cheesecake Factory - it's very expensive but worth it. Jackson and I got chocolate (1/4) and cherry (1/2) for $25 - Janet and Di got about $50. The man behind them was ordering a HUGE amount, taking 4 cheesecakes of this, a couple of that, we should've stayed to hear what his bill was! We had lunch at the local diner - man does not live by cheesecake alone - and then off to the outlets. We did great and had so much fun shopping. We got home by three and everyone sacked out for the afternoon. We had dinner in a local italian resturant where Di and Janet told us all about thier trip to Italy. This morning we went to breakfast at the clubhouse - dinner there is outrageously pricey, but breakfast is reasonable. After breakfast we drove and around and showed them the rest of the hideout and then they left around 11:30. The animals tried to behave - but failed. At least Copper didn't have that awful gas he had the last time they visited! And Mr. Lee showed off her balancing skills on the loft. We went out this afternoon to Dixon City, I decorated the mantel over the fireplace for Christmas. We didn't buy too much as we need to look and see what we have. But we did have a very good weekend!

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