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Wednesday, November 3, 2004

I'm Looking For Something

And what I'm looking for is a copy of the videotape I made of the WV house before we moved there. Remember when we first bought the house and I made copies of a videotape I'd taken of the whole house and sent them out? IF ANYONE kept it, please let me know - there should be some shots of that back wall in question that we're being sued for.  We've been looking but I think when we moved the second time it was either lost or thrown out.  I've started working 12 hour shifts, the good thing is I work one day a week less (2 twelve's and 2 eights) but of course the downside is working 12 hours straight. I am sleeping much better though, Mr. Lee gets ix-nayed to Jackson's room with a litter pan which of course helps a great deal. David took Jackson to the supermarket since we once again have NOTHING to eat. I'm off this weekend - I only have to work one 8 hour shift in a five day stretch so I'm much looking foward to that. I think we'll be going to Montage Mountain this weekend for a look around. There's also a movie theater that I might try to take Jackson to - do you realize we haven't been out to the movies since we left WV??

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