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Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Living For The Weekend

Ray left yesterday - we had a great time. On Sunday we went to Montage Mountain and took some pictures. There was no one there but I'm sure once snow season starts it must be hopping. We also found the movie theater which for being sort of in the middle of nowhere, it's extremely huge - it's bigger than the cineplex in Brookhaven and has a parking lot that covers a couple acres. There's also a really big stadium there - there was some sort of game going on at the time. Next we went to the Anthrocite Coal Mining Museum - Rays' father was a coal miner at one point after immagrating here from Poland so he found it very interesting. You can take a tour of a real coal mine too, but we didn't since some of us have issues with being buried alive and stuff. After that we went out to dinner and then back home. I had to work that night so I went to bed right after supper and passed out for about 3 hours. The temp has dropped considerably AND it snowed last night! Not much, about half an inch, but it's snow. The dogs and I are very excited but David is being a big CrabbyPants about it which he needs to stop since we live in the SNOW BELT I'm sure it will snow at least a couple more times (haha). Maybe I'll put him on an ice floe to teach him a lesson like the eskimo's do. He's got to order a cord of wood, I love having two fireplaces. I guess I'd better go get Jackson to get out of bed, he's been fine-tuning his Bed Clinging Technique and has his apprentice with him this morning!

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