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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Black Friday

Although most people spent Black Friday shopping, others of us spent the day relaxing. The second picture is of the sweater I just finished which is currently winging it's way to Boston. It's the size of a bathrobe(someday I will learn to gauge!)  so I thought it would be best for it to do it's duty as a sweater in the sub zero home of Kim. Not to mention the color is Boston Rose. I slept til noon and then we went off adventuring, heading out to Dingman's Ferry. When we got to the bridge David pulled over - according to him and Ray there was toll to cross the bridge. I told him if one of the big spenders in the front couldn't pony up the SEVENTY FIVE CENTS to cross the stinkin' bridge I certainly could, sigh. Dingmans' Ferry is just that. A Ferry. The rest is B-O-R-I-N-G. If  I'd known it was going to be nothing but road and a couple drugstores, I probably would've thought twice about coughing up the 75 cents and haggled it down to a quarter. We headed out to Milford which was much nicer and I'm looking foward to going back when I have more time - it's all these beautiful old historic building with lots of knick knack stores. We had a great time walking around, David and Ray had been there  when we were looking for a house. A fixer-up cost about 150,000 so it's a pretty expensive area.  We ate dinner in the italian restaurant uptown where we had dinner with Janet and Diane and then back home. I've got to call the dentist today, one of the crowns he put in last week is hurting which stinks since I have to go to work tonight and the only day off I have is Monday. I'm back to work tonight, time is just dragging of course. And Ray heads back to NJ tommorrow. The weather is really cold now, 20 degrees but no snow yet!

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