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Friday, November 12, 2004

A Hazy Shade Of Winter

It snowed again today with freezing rain mixed in so I'm guessing winter comes early in this neck of the woods. David's been perfecting his firebuilding skills, the woodstove thing is sort of tricky. If you don't heat the chimney first the smoke backs up - but you've got to fast heat it up. At the moment I'm squinting for all the smoke and he has the fan on, better luck next time! Work has been busy, working full times night shift  can be overwhelming at times but I've been sleeping much better and am getting used to my schedule. I'm not entirely happy with this hospital, I've recently found they like to write everyone up for everything. One patient didn't have thier compression stockings on for 48 hours and 8 nurses had to sign some silly paper including me. It doesn't amount to anything of course, but it's annoying and upsetting to say the least. But I'm not going be too hasty picking up and moving on -there isn't a whole lot of places to pick from around here and starting over at another hospital you're taking your chances that it might either be the same situation - or worse.  David has slowed down on working on the house recently and got his contractor's insurance renewed. The house next to us was sold - in under a week no less! I hope they arent going to be noisy people. The Hideout seems to be the ghetto for NY and NJ people, everyone here is from those two states. This must be where they contain us!

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