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Friday, November 19, 2004

Bend Over And Open Wide

This is an interesting picture I took at the Coal Mining Museum - it's a pair of antique bowel forceps - I'm not sure exactly how they were used, but the ends are made of leather. Hygenically speaking I certainly wouldn't want to be the SECOND person  in line to be seen!! Antique medical equipment can usually out do any torture device known to man, most of it is scary just to look at. I'm finally off today, I've got a dentist appointment at 3:30 and then Janet and Diane are finally coming to visit us! I've got a three day weekend so I 'm really looking foward to having visitors and being awake the entire time for it. Janet said Diane isn't bringing her bowel forceps because they're in the dishwasher at the moment - I guess we'll just have to share mine. Work is not going very well, we're always understaffed and they have a strange nursing model. They use "pods" which is actually team nursing. It's me, an LPN and an aide - but they always pull the aide and even though the LPN is responsible for labs, dressings and meds if they dont' do it or miss something I'M responsible. And there's 12 patients to each pod. I might just nose around at the other hospital I considered in Honesdale and put it on the back up list for now.

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