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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Working Without A Net..

I must enjoy chaos in my life since I seem to be inviting it in everytime it shows up. I quit my job this morning, handed in my resignation at 7:30 am sharp. I think I've mentioned things were not going well - from my point of view at least - and yesterday David suggested we go to Wayne Memorial in Honesdale. It's a small, rural community hospital and I've always regretted not looking at them closer. I just showed up (as is my habit) and was directed to Human Resources across the street, housed in a turn of the century home. I filled out an application and was told they would call me later. I decided to do an independent tour of the hospital and just walked right in and wandered around until I found the nursing office. I was offered a job in the ICU and Telemetry (you float between the two floors) they sent for the nurse manager and my application. They seem to be better staffed, it pays $3 more an hour, FREE parking, closer to home and I can toss the all whites. There were a few strange things - I did mention it's a rural hospital - I actually saw two nurses wearing white dresses and CAPS. The nurse manager said they've always worn the caps and it was ok with her. Quitting this morning was not easy - as much as I don't like the way they staff the floor I have become quite attached to some of the people I work with. The manager was very gracious about it but looked about this far from crying which made me feel really bad. My last day will be the 14th - RN's have to give 3 weeks notice but I think maybe I'll send everyone to NY then and can finish up while Adam and them visit. It'll work out. Right now is a stomach clencher of course because I have to wait for my references to come back, etc...and there's always room for error. Oh well, there's always the Wal-Mart Greeter job!!

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