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Friday, November 26, 2004

Friends That Bite

As you can see, Claw has no problem biting the hand that feeds her. Or any hand as a matter of fact. Stinky work just got stinkier, I got my new "Schedule Of Revenge" - you dont want to know. I completely blew off Thanksgiving, I was so stressed out I couldn't sleep so I told David, Ray and Jackson to go out without me. I thought about going, but would've spent the entire time counting down the hours I had left to sleep and how long til I had to be back at work while hurrying everyone through thier meal. We're going out again today and I'll celebrate the holiday without having to worry. Ray is here for a few days, the temp dropped big time last night! It's now in the 20's we got a dusting of snow so I think it's a prelude to the rest of the winter. David prefers to stay delusional for now. Ray's down for a few days, I was thinking we might try to shop but I don't know as it is black friday! So we may just limit ourselves to Post Thanksgiving Dinner. Jackson the Stinker is still in bed and Vincent is busy making troubles upstairs. David and Ray went out to breakfast which is traditional for them.

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