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Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Grudge

Jackson and I finally made it to the movies today - we havent been to one since July I think. Since I've always worked nights we go in the afternoon - Jackson doesn't mind and if it's a scary movie even better - the possibility of being stalked by the Undead is much less on a sunny afternoon. We went to the theater on Montage Mountain which I've mentioned before. Here we are out in the sticks and it's a complex that houses TWENTY MOVIE THEATERS. The parking lot covers at least two acres and the inside is beautiful - marble and red velvet and couldn't be cleaner. We saw The Grudge so we were scared while sitting  in our plush reclinable seats. We had a great time and will be visiting there again. It's not too bad of a price, $20 for the two of us including popcorn and so forth. David's off visiting his new friend Roman who lives here on the weekends  and is originally from Russia. The weather is very cold and is a bit bitter. I've got to work all weekend which is stinky-poo, but work wise it's not too bad since most of the Md's don't admit on the weekend. BRRR!! I think I'll put a sweater on!

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