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Saturday, November 6, 2004

One Last Look At The Leaves....

...since they certainly don't look like that now! They were in the process of turning all brown and then for the past two days we've had rain and high winds, which subsequently stripped the trees bare instantly. It was like instant winter.  We'll be out and about today so I'll take pictures and post them . Ray's coming out again today, we'll probably do dinner and a movie today and then drive out to Montage Mountain tomorrow. I can't tell you how great it is that he's so close to be able to visit us whenever. I'm sort of off for the weekend, I'm off yesterday and today, on Sunday for an 11 - 7 and then off for two more days. The shift in the middle sucks, but I'll take it, especially since I worked the past 9 days out of 11. We haven't heard anymore from WV, but I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm figuring since they've gone to the trouble of hiring a lawyer to represent them they won't go away that easily. Does anyone have a copy of that videotape I sent out before we moved there? Has anyone looked for it?? PLEASE let me know. The animals are fine, David and I were awakened around 4:30am this morning to some frantic rattling. Mr. Lee had shut herself up in the linen closet, much to the amusement of the other two cats who were probably laughing their butts off. She tried to walk with some shread of dignity out of it, but failed. We're hoping since she's going on 15 she'll grow up this year, but remain doubtful. The temp has dropped considerably this week so we've been using our fireplaces quite a bit, Jackson likes to stoke up the woodstove on his floor to tropical temps - the cats LOVE HIM. They're calling for possible flurries this weekend which I'm looking foward to. AND I heard from the Sea Monkey, he has secured a flight on Dec. 10th and will be flying back on the 26th. So that should make the holidays better!!

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