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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Give Dave A Big Hand

While mowing the front pasture David said he thought he'd gotten into briars,but then he looked down and it turned out he'd gotten into a very large nest of yellow jackets. He got stung about 5 or 6 times but was very fortunate as the whole nest swarmed and he managed to get back to the house before they all got him. He had to leave the Gravely running for over two hours as he couldn't get near it. Needless to say he had a rather miserable night, he took benedryl but his hand poofed up anyhow and he just felt terrible - achy all over. He's better now and is busy exacting revenge on THEM, he's very peeved about the hand. One of my co-workers suggested pouring gas on them and lighting it, torching  tend to be WV's answer to most any problem you have, whether it be yellow jackets or the neighbors. The college students like to set thier sofas on fire after the big games, so maybe if we can lure the yellow jackets to a sofa the students can at least make themselves useful.  I've been doing quite a bit of traveling since I'm doing the Uniontown end, the 2nd picture of is one of the Greek Orthodox churches in a nice area. The 3rd is just the top of one in a not so nice area. I wanted to take a better picture but it was actually a fairly NOT nice place and there was some guy sort of following me so I opted to ix-nay into the apartment I was supposed to be in anyhow. Jackson is enjoying school and there's all sorts of Drama going on all the time so we get to hear about that. I'm off tomorrow but have to get my oil changed, a big boo for that. The weather has gotten rainy and humid, we're still running the AC to keep the house dry. But the sunsets are getting more spectacular as we head into fall and I'm already itching to get my winter clothes out. I'm so tired of this summer.


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