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Thursday, November 3, 2005

Another Day Another Dollar

But at least the weather is nice - we're in the high 60's to low 70's for the next few days which is A-OK with David. The leaves continue to turn but are now falling, so I'm sure winter is right around the corner. Everyone finally has thier power on - after that nasty storm last week some people didn't get thier power back on for a week! I had my midterm last week and did better than I thought I would - I got an 86 which was a relief. I was peeking at some of the grades around me and I did better than some of the people that are already billing in an office. We're continuing to make plans to go to Janet's and Diane's, I made reservations at a kennel for the dogs where they will have a couch and TV (I'm not kidding) and will be roaming around with all the other dogs. They're also going to come check on the cats at the house - 3 days of this all for $90, considering what this would've cost me on LI I'm happy with that number. David continues to work on the new room, the hot tub will be staying outside as it's too huge to come in and would take up almost half. I'll put pictures up tomorrow. I'm more than half finished with the poncho I'm making and it's coming out better than the last one I made.

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