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Friday, November 25, 2005

Greetings From Pennsylvania

Sorry about the lack of picture, I am a guest on my sister's computer.We left Wednesday after work - I ran through my visits and got done at 3:30. We made really good time,we were here around 8pm or so, David only carped for the first 150 miles or so - in his world NO ONE travels at night and he would have preferred everyone up at 4 am - yuck. We got to see the redecorated house - they did a great job and you half expect Martha to appear out of the kitchen - minus the prison garb of course.Diane cooked a way too big Thanksgiving dinner and it was great - I especially liked the whipped sweet potatoes and could've eaten a potful of those. It's fun seeing them and visiting, I think Jackson and I will visit in January when all the good clearance sales are going on. Here Black Friday is very big and I think even thinking about shopping isn't a good idea. Janet and Diane were supposed to have gotten up and gone to Walmart at 5am this morning, but the temp outside is about 10 and thier bedroom door is still shut, so I don't think they went anyhwere. I probably will be off the computer for the rest of the week into Wednesday, David brought our computer to Best Buy the we left and we did indeed have a very bad virus in our computer. I can't wait to get back and see the dogs and cats, I hope they're all ok!


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