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Friday, November 18, 2005

A Hazy Shade Of Winter

Well, lets see. First it was cold. Then it was in the 70's which would have been far more enjoyable without the thunderstorms and wind I might add. The winds were so high they ripped off part of the barn which David was going to remove anyhow so I guess it saved him a bit of work. David had cleared out the garage after the last windstorm in case we needed to put the cars in. The trees around here are all over 25 feet high and with all the rain soaking the ground we're a bit leery of them falling over. After a day or so of this the tempeture dropped 40 or so degrees and that freaked everyone out, especially our Crack Weather Team that was frantically trying to pretend they'd known all about this and were busy taking the "high 50's with occasional scattered showers" off the tv and replacing it with "a low of 19, tornado watch and dangerous thunderstorm lines".  I had class last night and she let us out EARLY - wow! Knock me over with a feather. Jackson is still on restriction but is working on his grades. David's been busy - he's been getting more calls on his ad and in between that continues to work on the house. He sheetrocked and spackled the dining room - I just couldn't stand it anymore with the dark Bradybunch paneling - and hopefully we'll be painting it this weekend. Next week I work til Wednesday and then we're off to Janet's and Diane's for Thanksgiving, and then back here on Friday, Kim, Stephen and family will be here Saturday and they're off to Boston on Sunday so we have a full week planned. Yesterday in Kingwood I stopped a local store and bought a whole bunch of stuff - it was pretty neat because it was local so they had buckwheat flour, sassafrass drops, etc. But there was one item I couldn't figure out what it was - pork pudding???

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mosie1944 said...

WOW!  That second picture almost took my breath away, it's so awesome.