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Monday, November 7, 2005

A Room With A View.

David has been getting a few more responses to his ad in the paper, he has another estimate to give this week. Yesterday he did a small moving job for a woman who had called on Saturday, grousing all the way to Bruceton Mills that "stray cats, stray people - they all seem to find me". The woman lived down the road from us and all of her things fit in the back of the truck and her car. David loaded up the truck,drove 25 miles to Bruceton Mills, carried the furniture including a heavy sleeper sofa up a narrow stairway to a 2nd floor apartment - and when he got in the truck to leave I started laughing. He asked me what was so funny and I said "You didn't charge her a dime, did you?".  That was ok, I wouldn't have taken money from her either. Her mom had just passed away so she was moving in with her niece, she herself has just been diagnosed with liver cancer and had no one to help move what little she had. We did luck out - about 5 minutes after we left the hail started pounding down, followed by torrents of rain so at least none of her stuff got ruined. Today David is continuing with the water main and he's still a busy bee with the room in the back - when it's done it's going to be spectacular and is already letting in tons of light. The only thing is the bigger hot tub doesn't fit in there. I was teasing David and told him to do what everyone else does in WV - get a little plywood and tarpaper and just tack an "addition" on - just like they do on the trailers around here.

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