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Saturday, November 5, 2005

The Hole Nine Yards

I've been bugging David about the water main for the past couple of weeks.David was considering letting the water main thing go until spring - as far as we know it's been leaking all along and it not that bad of a leak. But all I've been able to envision is it blowing mid-February and having to deal with that in the frozen ground. The driveway leak has been there, but since David repaired the one in the lower field I think it's been putting alot of pressure on the leak under the driveway.  This week the leak has gotten noticibly worse, instead of the pothole birdbath it's been running a bit. And it's not repairable there, the driveway was originally cement and been tarred over - we would have to dig up the whole drive just to find it. So yesterday he rented a special ditch digger and has dug for the water line. He didn't thankfully hit the gas line, that would've been bad I think. So over the weekend he'll be laying the line and reconnecting it midway in the lower pasture to where we know it's ok. The other wierd thing of the week is we seem to be suffering from a small insect infestation (picture 5)- of Lady Bugs!! When we moved in here (and the other house in WV) we've found dead ones in the window sills so I think it must be an annual thing and they're not icky so I'm not sure what to do. I certainly don't want to kill them and they seem to be only on the living room ceiling by the picture window so I'll leave them alone. And the last picture is of Charger, The Poo Eater. I warned Jackson and David not to kiss him on the lips since both of the litterpans had been cleaned - and I hadn't done it. (for the record Jackson and David both claim that kissing Charger on the lips is pretty far down on thier list of Things To Do, it's actually on thier list of Things That Will Never Happen)

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