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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Who Says We Have No Class

Claw sits like this all the time - she looks pretty bizarre, doesn't she? She likes to keep that big white tummy of hers super clean. Vincent likes to attack her when she's sitting like that because she goes completely bugshit, not to mention it peeves Claw to no end. I also  told Jackson I'll stop referring to her as a "Bear Snack" he finds that upsetting.  I've been having trouble with my pictures today, I've gotten the message I have a stackoverflow on line 216 or something, I have no idea. If it doesnt resolve itself  I'll just do what I always do which is A) turn the computer on and off a few times, B) poke around a bit without actually doing anything to see if I can jostle something loose or C) ignore it until it becomes an actual annoyance or problem. My face is a problem today too, I bought a bar of face soap and when I did, I had a feeling I shouldn't, but couldn't remember why. It's probably because this particular soap is fine for about two days and then the skin will suddenly disappear from my face leaving behind a tight, red itchy thing that hurts if you touch it. My face is so red I could be a substitute stop sign at the moment, but if I remember correctly, that should resolve itself by tomorrow. David's finished spackling the dining room and we are picking out a color. I considered red but the room would be way too dark so it's going to be a cream color. We are of course keeping the plastic chandelier - I think David would like me to stop telling everyone it's plastic but I find it hilarious. It's technically lucite I think and you can't tell unless you  touch it - I'm sure it was expensive when it was new.I finished knitting a hat to match the poncho THAT NO ONE WANTS YET - if no one volunteers I'll just keep adding accessories to it I guess. We're going out to Sam's Club in Clarksburg and skipping church this week, I've very excited. Not about Sam's club. About the AC Moore right next to it!! Whoo hoo can ya feel the yarn!!

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