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Monday, November 21, 2005

The Real Estate Game

West Virginia takes a bit of getting used to I suppose. David has developed an intense dislike of mobile homes, especially since the leaves are all gone, pretty much exposing everything we couldn't see before. We now, for instance, have a most excellent view of the mobile home park on the hilltop directly across from ours. I don't mind it myself, I actually find it interesting at how much more I can see and find myself driving slower down the road being a major Nosy Parker. I love the dilapidated old buildings, the singlewides with the chimney pipes coming out of them, it's all neat to me. I think the most annoying thing about these roads are no shoulders most of the time which makes it difficult - if not impossible on occasion - to take the pictures I really want to. Sometimes if I can see down the road I'll just stop and take the pictures out the window, but most of the time I can't because of all the winding road it's too dangerous. Work has gotten more stressful - my manager leaves at the end of the week and no one has said what my responsibilities will be. The whole thing just sucks.

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mosie1944 said...

Some of those photos are depressing, but they're GREAT!  You did well.