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Sunday, November 13, 2005


I finally finished my latest project, a poncho and even Copper agrees it came out much better than my last attempt. Of course it's homeless (it has a possible home), as are most of my projects so feel free to volunteer! Yesterday we were out driving around after dropping off Jackson to Becky's(he gets one day on the weekend) so I was taking pictures of the old victorians in town. Most have been renovated and are painted the historic colors and are so far beyond our budget it's mindboggling. Not that David would live there anyhow - like most of the post-civil war towns the houses are close to the road and about 3 feet apart. But they are fun to look at. After shopping we stopped at Petco to buy Mr. Lee a new toy, she's been bored lately and has been darting around to amuse herself and making everyone crazy. I bought her a laser light - somewhere between move 2 and 3 we lost the one she had - and she's been harassing everyone ever since to play with it. You would think she's almost 16 now and would just want to lay around being an old cat, but I don't  think that'll ever happen. She's sleeps a bit more and tires out more easily, but other than that she's the same cat she's always been. I think when she goes, we're going to be lost without her. Oh - while I'm thinking of it. Adam didn't recieve most of his birthday gifts, he said all he got was our present, David's parents and a gift from Henry. If anyone sent him a check and it's been cashed - let me know because ADAM didn't  cash it.

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