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Friday, November 4, 2005

Enough Of This Sunset Crap Already

It's hard NOT to take pictures of the sky around here, I guess with the mountains and the wide open spaces it looks a lot different than where I'm from and it's hard not to be impressed. Class continues on - the teacher we have would like to turn it into a 4 hour class I think - last night at 8;55pm she asked if we wouldn't mind staying "for a little while longer" to go over the next two chapters! 90% of the class did mind so we'll be doing it on Tuesday. The last fifteen minutes of class normally stretch into hours (or so it seems) without adding on to it, especially since it's an adult class and we've already put in 8 or more hours at work already. She's done this before and it's a never ending source of annoyance. David's getting ready to rent a digger for our water main, he's been looking for someone to do it but has been unsucessful. He's not going to dig up the whole thing, just from the pasture up and will connect it there since we know that half doesn't leak. I don' t care how he does it, just as long as it gets done, I'm tired of the Eternal Birdbath in the driveway.  Report cards come out next week and Jackson has been been preparing us for his english grade. First we heard about how unfair the teacher is. Then how much she doesn't like him. Then how many people don't pass her class and how no one likes her. Hmmm. I'm guessing we won't be seeing that A this semster. And for a little extra stress at work - my manager resigned yesterday which kind of leaves me swinging in the breeze. I've got no idea what's going to happen but am planning on just riding it out and seeing what happens. This whole thing just smells like a whole mess.

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