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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

I haven't been writing because there hasn't been much to write about. Everything is in that stasis mode, just sort of dragging on toward spring. We had  couple of  very nice weeks - where it's cold enough to be not quite spring but warm and sunny enough to really enjoy. We all knew it wouldn't last, after all it is February and this weather is not normal. The other day the clouds rolled in and my thermometer dropped and now we are back to cold and icky. The trees are all grey and brown, acres of drab and boring. It's not even nice cold weather, it's just uncomfortable. We're busy collecting our things for tax time, David is actually doing that and will be shipping the whole mess back to Hampton Bays where our accountant has been for years. It's hard to find someone you trust and Joel always does a good job. I'm almost done with the second Samuri Kabuto hat and will be putting that pattern up for awhile - it looks deceptively easy but takes weeks of knitting to complete. Work has been crazy, we've picked up a few patients that have visits after and before hours so for the past few days I've been out by 6 am and finished around 8:30 at night - I'm not doing extra visits, that's just the way they ended up spreading out. I had to take a CPR renewal course in Bridgeport too - that wasn't bad. AC Moore's yarn sale was fairly stinky but I got another pair of knitting needles - ok!ok! TWO pairs - one was a pair of Lantern Moon and the other was an on sale acrylic pair in purple. I have promised to cut down on the yarn, no one said anything about needles. Jackson and I did make it to the movies on Sunday, we saw Underworld 2 which is a great movie if you enjoy the werewolf clan battling the vampire clan with a bit of mutant hoochie thrown in. I have no idea why you have to be so filthy at all times to fight evil. There were several times in the movie I just wanted to take a washcloth to most of them, the main characters spent the entire movie covered in mud, ashes, blood and various bits of entrails and the entire cast was of course wearing black leather everything. But I suppose you have to do what you have to do and it did break up my week a bit.

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