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Thursday, February 9, 2006

The Blah Continues

On the upside it's Super Sunny again. The downside is of course the warm weather seems to have disappeared back from whence it came. It never got over 35 today, we had a very brief dusting of snow this morning. Jackson asked repeatedly if we'd seen the news til we yelled at him to get dressed and cut it out. They haven't had a snow day in a month and are all going into Snowday Withdrawal. I've got alot of traveling to do in the next couple of days so I was relieved that the predicted snow didn't make an appearance. My boss is on a business conference in Ohio so I'm in charge of myself which is easy. I tell myself to do stuff, I give me a hard time about it, and then I resent me for being so bossy. David's still busy, but is slowing down a bit which ok with me. There's some stuff around here that needs doing but with both of us working it's hard to get anything done. And I've been doing extra at work - I've got to work on Saturday again. I hate the work but like the money. We heard from Adam the other day, he's fine and still willying about whether he'll stay in the navy or not. He's at the end of his stint in July and is not sure what he'll be doing. I would like him to come home personally.

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