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Saturday, February 25, 2006

What Happens In Hepzibah Stays In Hepzibah.

I'm on call for the weekend and so far, I'm put over 160 miles on my car. Hepzibah was right before my actual visit so I thought I would take a picture of it. Just for the record, I'm fairly certain not much happens in Hepzibah as a general rule. I'm still sick, this is week #2 for those of you keeping track. Now Jackson has it bad, he's been in bed since after school yesterday and is running a fever today. That would be a good thing in his case as we got his report card and he's failing 3 subjects - english,german and theater. It's hard to yell at someone who can't move around too much and is lying there weakly coughing so I'll be taking a rain check on that one. I was feeling better yesterday for about 4 hours - I had a half day so I came home and cleaned the house - not a lot, but enough to get the science experiments out of the bathrooms. Then I got hit with a wall of visits - there went my last hurrah. I just havent' had time to recuperate, my last day off was  Sunday and my next day off is next Saturday -with this oncall stuff I now work 12 out of every 14 days. (Why yes, I am whining. Thank you for asking). We were going to try and get up to see the puppy but by the time everyone is well the puppy will be done and ready to go. David is down hacking at the two acres, he's clearing it as I'm pretty sure we'll be selling it in the spring. I'm sure the neighbors will be thrilled.

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