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Sunday, February 5, 2006

Sunday Is For Sleeping In

Winter decided to come back - we got a dusting of snow last night - not enough to fun, but enough to be annoying. The roads will be awful I suspect since it rained all day yesterday, but I wasn't planning on going anywhere anyhow. I'm not sure if my interest in chuch is flagging or it's just this time of the year, or work has been so busy and stressful I have a hard time wanting to do anything on the weekends but stay away from people. And the crappy weather today isn't helping. Did you know that WV has it's own ground hog for the prediction thing? My co-workers informed me our ground hog is named French Creek Freddie and he lives in an animal preserve by the same name. I made a comment that I was surprised since this is WV that he had not been eaten yet.....haha. Anywhoo, our groundhog did NOT see his shadow so that would mean an early spring. Hmm. The snow is not making French Creek Freddie look good so far.  I started walking again yesterday - it's a bit of a trick I have to say. I started walking down Rt 100 toward the coal mines since there's a road  just past there.. The road that turns off appears to be heavily populated by rottieweilers, dobermans, etc - all tied up but a bit disconcerting with them pulling on thier chains,etc. so I decided to walk the other way. The other problem is near the mines the road is covered in coal dust mixed with water and dirt and it's pretty slick and gross. The other direction wasn't so bad and no dogs that I could see so I think I'll start walking on my days off.  And Mr Lee so far seems to be ok, apparently a little yarn in your diet won't hurt you. I still can't believe she ate that! I'm also putting up the latest puppy pictures, we won't know which one is ours until we get it, but I don't think I care - I would take them all right now they're so cute!!

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