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Sunday, February 26, 2006

So Ends Another Day

I am beat. I have one more visit to do today and then Monday starts another week at work. Jackson sounds like a frog today so I'm not sure if he'll be going to school or not tomorrow. We did go out briefly yesterday to try out the Shoney's down the road. David and Jackson loved thier dinners but mine was Not So Hot - there's not a whole lot to pick from off the menu if you're a vegetarian so I had the only meatfree thing.  Lets just say "fresh fish" and "West Virginia" are not two things that should occupy the same sentence. We had to buy a second vaporizer last night and they were out of the cheapy one so I got the fancy one with the Steam-warmer and Special Steam Guard - the only thing they forgot to mention on the box was the Dump Truck Sound Effects. Needless to say, it went back in the box and back to from whence it came from this morning. I'm still working on the sweater, but am considering learning how to knit socks. The only problem is you have to make two of them the same size so I have to think about it. Everyone is pretty much sacked out today, every piece of furniture in the livingroom is occupied at the moment. And of course this week was the announcement of the passing of Don Knotts, Morgantown's only Celebrity. Yes, he was from here and we have the Don Knotts Blvd and Don Knotts Fan Club to prove it.  The only thing we have left is MaryLou Retton, but she's from Fairmont.

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