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Sunday, February 12, 2006

That Groundhog Is Toast

I personally feel French Creek Freddie (the WV groundhog) should be lightly sauteed with a side of butter for his wrong weather assessment. On the other hand, I'm sure there's a spot for him on our Crack Weather Team which has pretty much the same abilities as the groundhog and probably uses the same equipment. It wasn't all that bad - I think we got about 3" all told and the roads were cleared by 8 am. I did go out for my walk, I try to walk everyday I have off unless it's raining and the snow didn't start up again until I was almost home. Jackson had a great time at the dance, I asked if he had danced and he said yes, he did. He said he wasn't going to, but then Becky's dad told him either he dance with Becky or dance with him -and Jackson decided to go with Becky. We've started feeding the birds again, we put an old platter out on the deck filled with bird seed the other day and are attracting all sorts of birds. The bird feeder is gone, they didn't like it and I don't think it worked so well anyhow with a 12 pound cat hanging off it. The cats are fascinated and spend most of the day drooling on my french doors. I was worried when I let the cats out but the birds are quite aware of thier presence. I'll be glad when spring gets here so I can shave Charger down - his hair is at that out of control stage and brushing him has become a mammoth task - neither of us enjoy it and he has so much hair it takes a least half an hour. I'm considering shaving him, spinning it, and knitting him a sweater out of his own hair. Hmm.

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