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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Jackson The Trouble Maker

We have been cracking down on Jackson lately - David and I have HAD IT, big time. He just sort of slugs along and with our schedules and having to drive him every day to school and back, we just can't do it. So now we've become relentless hurrying him along, much to his annoyance but he is starting to come around. I've pointed out that we don't have to drive him - we can always transfer him into University High School, Home Of The Arch Enemy and he can go to a school with people he doesn't know again. We can also resurerrect the Shower Timer to bingle at 10 minutes which of course will be followed by The Screaming Meemee outside the bathroom door - for crying out loud do I look like I have time for this?? I have to work again on my pretend day off, we are having some sort of big official survey in the next couple of weeks and just to add in the fun all of my patients are still having all sorts of difficulties plus we are adding new ones plus there are all sort of surprise things - such as the news that one of my patients needed to have his labs changed to first thing this morning instead of his usual Friday. This would've been less of a problem had we not found out at 10 to 5 last night because the one party who had this information forgot to tell us. So I volunteered which is a bit Stinky for me, but will help accrue Brownie Points in the future if I ever need to ask for anything. Always think ahead. David's starting to add a fence in anticipation of the new puppy, it won't be done until March 3rd, but like anything you have to wait for that will seem forever and then will be right here before you know it.

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