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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Latest Project

After a couple of false starts I finally got this sweater started, the pattern is hard to count and I almost gave up after having to rip it out two or three times. However, since I'm still sick (as is everyone else in the house) I'm not inclined to move around too much - I have time to mess around and got the hang of it after the 3rd try. The only thing I'm hoping is I have enough yarn to finish. I often buy the clearance yarn so I can get the expensive stuff at a good price - but the downside is if you mis calculate you can be 9/10's of the way through and not enough to finish. And there is no way to match this yarn either - it's cool looking but very unusual and elastic.My back up plan is in the works just in case.  I brought the baby blanket in to work to show Susan and will be giving afgan hook lessons at work. The boss is fine with it as she's one of the people that will learning how to do it. Work has been a bit rough since I don't feel well and am still coughing alot - last night we went out and bought a vaporizer so I could hopefully sleep through the night. Jackson was back home again yesterday, he's not coughing but just feels achy and tired. He spent most of the day in bed only coming up long to say hello, watch Dr. Phil with me and harrass the cat. I'm not sure if he'll be going to school today or not. I hope we get over this soon as I can't take too much more of this AND I have to work all weekend.

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