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Saturday, February 18, 2006

News Flash, Spring Is No Longer In The Air.

We are still currently having "light snow flurries", there's a couple of inches so far. We started to take Jackson to Becky's this morning, but halfway there were no longer able to see through the "flurries" not to mention the road became an instant ice rink, so we had to turn back. Instead of spending the day with his girlfriend, poor Jackson ended up eating cheese and crackers and watching Miami Vice with his parents. He refuses to believe Krokett and Tubbs are wearing expensive kidskin italian loafers and italian silk shirts, but insists they are both wearing women's shoes and blouses. Sometimes the early 80's are impossible to explain. He didn't seem to mind the change in plans, he never does. I have to say, at his age I'd be having a cow about turning back and would've been in the back seat loudly proclaiming the Complete Insensitivity of the party driving while expressing my disbelief that seeing all the cars skidding off the road would be used as an excuse to inconvience ME.  Jackson was fine with it, called Becky and got all happy we were having cheese and crackers. If I hadn't been there, I would swear he was adopted. Vincent and Claw have been in and out about 500 times today, they just don't know what to do with themselves. I finished the baby blanket I was making and am now scouting around for my next project. I actually HAVE my next project, I just have to find the stash of yarn that fits it.

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