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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Oops, I did it again!

Once a fool, always a fool. I took one of my infamous shortcuts again today, Dogtown Road started off very nice and then did the usual - tar, tar and gravel, gravel, gravel and dirt, dirt,dirt and mud holes - we all know the routine. Sigh. Actually, after having navigated Mayfield Rd, Butternut Squash Hollow (remember - the one with the missing bridge and the missing road....) and Monkey Wrench Rd ( I do NOT want to talk about that one)this one was almost disappointingly tame. I was out on Racoon Valley Rd again today, I'm obsessed with the charcoal ovens, can you tell? David thinks I should be careful of snakes since we do have rattlers here and I think cotton mouth, but this time of year they're hibernating so I'm not worried. I also stopped at my FAVORITE  store, the Rt 7 Farmer's market and picked up some stuff. WV does have some interesting food - buckwheat pancake mix, sassafrass candy (for David's dad), they've got amish butter and fresh pork sausage which I didn't get because it was pretty warm today and I didn't want to leave that stuff in the car. Ew. Jackson finally got his favorite WV food - the Pepperoni roll. Here is how you make them. Take a roll. Stuff in pepperoni. Bake it. There ya go. Yesterday we made a special trip to Krogers, braving college traffic and worse - college student shoppers. We went there because Krogers is the ONLY place that sells the elusive Cheesie Pepperoni Roll, $3.29 a dozen. I limited him to 3 dozen since I'm not sure if it qualifies in any food groups, I'm sure if it does it's in the tiny Not Good For You part. They're like pepperoni rolls but have some sort of cheddar/Velveeta mix thing going on and they weigh about the same as a small dog. I have one more day of work - given the way the week has gone so far, I'm not holding out any great hopes for it - I'm sure it'll be just as long and horrifying as the rest of the week has been.

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