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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Can I have some Tar with that?

Fox Hill Rd was an in-betweeny sort of a road, not as bad as Mayfield Rd ( the road against which all roads are measured) but it had it's moments. If you want to see it - you get off of I-79 and go down Kirby-Garard's Fort Rd, turn off at Shriver Hill and BOOM. There you are, the wind in your hair and the rocks in your head. This week has been a driving week, I've put over two hundred miles and it's not even Wednesday!! I'm a bit tired today, David's feeling better but is still having coughing fits around 1 am. This in turn wakes up The Puppy That Needs To Sleep A Bit More Because Everyone Is Getting Tired Of Playing With Her and then she had to go pee which she does about six jillion times a day ANYHOW and then maybe have something to eat and then she spent a bit more time trying out everyone's pillows and patience. Sigh, I went back to sleep just in time for the alarm to go off. David and Jackson are getting ready for thier big trips, we need to count underpants and so forth. Jackson will be gone for 6 days and David for more, I did get my vacation days which I'm pretty excited about. From Friday afternoon to Wednesday I am a layabout!!

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