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Monday, April 17, 2006

So, how were your holidays?

Ours was pretty good. David spent Easter with his family at his mom's house, his sister left back for Florida in the morning, but his other sister, his brother and his brother's girlfriend were at his mom's, plus assorted relatives. Jackson and I spent our holiday with a friend of mine and her family, we had Easter at the Holiday Inn buffet in Fairmont. It was really nice and Susan's dad paid for us which was really sweet. Jackson enjoyed himself a great deal and was yakking away to Susan's brother. David is back to NJ today and then will be back here Tuesday afternoon, I'll be so glad to see him. After he gets back we have to get started on the pool and the back of the house, not to mention the lawn - can you see how it's already overgrown and it's not even the May yet. We've had nice weather with rain every other day so it's growing like crazy. Due to these two things the pool went straight from Light Yucky Green to Intense Murky Brown - there could be  body in there and we would never know it. David has to restart on the back of the house. The whole thing is a cascade effect - we can't fix the fence until we fix the pool, we can't really clean up the wood piles until the back is somewhat completed (David likes to wait until he has a full load before he goes to the dump), etc....Pearl has been doing her part by Defluffing the dandilions, she attacks all the ones that have gone to seed thereby making sure we will have an adequate supply come summer. She is such a little helper, isn't she?

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