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Monday, April 24, 2006

Grey Skies Are Going To Clear Up

We got rain, rain rain with enough sunshine inbetween to make the grass grow. All of WV instantly turned green and overgrew, including our yard. It's not even May and we had to cut it for the second time yesterday. Jackson used the riding mower and I did around the trees, etc. David said he's going to let the pastures grow for now. Since he laid waste to them last year it's grass growing in there and not weeds and nettles. David finished up the hall yesterday and will be trimming out the dining room this week. We put a deposit on the pool liner Saturday, it will be a couple of weeks and we were told NOT to drain the pool so it's a bit unattractive at the  moment. I was going to plant around it but I think I'll hold off until it's done since everything will get mashed up when they put the pool in. We did not pick the one I liked best, both David and Jackson picked the same one so we will have a Second Rate Picture along the top and I will just have to Suffer In Silence like I usually do. : )   David is working on Pearl pointing, his friend Cecil gave him a pheasant wing so it gives them both something to do - she's growing unbelievably, isn't she?

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