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Monday, April 10, 2006

Hanging out with the homeboys

There's not as much to do as you would think. I've cleaned the house - there's a bit more to do, but I don't feel like doing much I'm afraid. I did watch "Sixteen Candles" all the way through without the peanut gallery making comments about some people having seen many, many times. I can't help it - it ALWAYS comes out right in the end, what more can you ask? I heard from both boys, Adam is "waxing poetic" about the navy again, he goes between career and tired of it all. Jackson is in Tennesee today, they were in the very very corner of Va visiting Becky's grandma and now they're going to party like there's no tomorrow in Pidgeon Forge. I'm doing a bit better with Pearl, she seems to have calmed down on the Poo Scale, we only had one accident today. I went looking for advice last night in the Dog chat room - did you know there's such a thing? There is! And they are all as strange as you think they are. I had one - Tucha I think her name was - who announced I should IMMEDIATELY crate Pearl. I pointed out that Pearl had never been crated, where was I going to get a crate at 9 pm and I didn't think stuffing her in a box when she was already upset was the way to go. I then was called "dense". I pointed out to Tucha she was the rudest person I'd ever heard and perhaps someone should stuff HER in a crate. This had the same effect as pitching a banana in with a bunch of rabid monkeys. I do have to admit though I do find it somewhat amusing to stir the pot - I mean what kind of adults spend all of thier free time hanging around a DOG CHAT ROOM?? And I peeked today - the same people that were there last night are there all the time, perhaps they should start hanging out in the "get a life' room. Anyhoo, I am not welcome to Chat About My Pet anymore, I did find someone(in a different room as the rest of the room was frantically defending the Tucha person)who suggested I put the food up sooner and walk her later and that seemed to help. I have tomorrow off and then it's back to the salt mines. For half a day. Poor me.

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