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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Spring Is Here Because I Smell Ramps!!

David made it home Tuesday afternoon without any problems - he was very glad to be back here in his own house. Sometimes the best part of leaving is coming back,isn't it? This sort of lost it's dewy-eyed glow when David perused the lawn in it's jungle - like state. Since he's been gone it's gotten much warmer, sunnier and has rained about every 3rd day and the grass has been growing like crazy and the weeds,well they're growing like weeds I suppose. He's gotten about 1/2 of it done, inbetween all the other catching up. And it turns out the Surprise Tax bill is ours. The previous owners, you know the Reverend of Trash and Non Payments and his lovely wife apparently recieved the tax bill last year and instead of sending it along, just forgot.  I wonder if this is like when they forgot to take thier trash with them and we got Surprise Extra Stuff. Hmm. We have two weeks to pay it before we end up in the paper with all the other delinquent tax payers. This will be just in time for this year's tax bill. Whoopee. Anyhoo, since David is mowing the whole yard reeks of ramps. They grow wild all over, I haven't quite figured out how to pull them out of the clay without breaking them off the stem, they're like scallions I think but smellier. I tried pulling them out after a good rain but no dice. They sell them on the roadside so there's got to be some way of getting them out, but I have yet to find it. So I'm destined to Stop and Smell The Ramps as opposed to ever getting to eat them and no I will NOT buy them - why should I when I have a whole yard full of them? David bought a set of windchimes at Sam's club, they're huge and were only $10. He's walking around the house trying to think of where to hang them and he might get brained with them as they're going BONGBONGBONG as he traipses in and out of the computer room.

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