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Friday, April 7, 2006

The Sound Of Silence

Well, everyone left this morning with the usual running back for one more thing and so forth. David got his usual jitters as he got ready to get on the road at 6, but when I called him at 9:30 am he was fine and more than halfway there. Jackson had to be to Becky's by 7 am and started off fine, but then started dawdling and and winding down so he needed to be goaded along.. He started to run back once but there wasn't enough time - I don't think he forgot anything - I think it was just that feeling you get before you leave that you didn't turn something off or there's one more thing you must've overlooked. . He and Becky had to go in this morning to be counted and to finish getting signed up for thier schedules for thier junior and senior year. Jackson has decided to go into M- tech - he wants to be a welder so that's where he'll be for the next couple of years. He'll take that along with all of his other requirements and that way he can either go to college or work for awhile and then go. I got home by 7:30 am and after taking the dogs out, started my work day, today was Pennsylvania day and I just ran from one to the other. It was my half day, but after all the racing around this morning, I was pooped by noon.  Pearl has been needy since I got home, she doesn't seem to understand why I'm home and THEY are not. We've been out about a jillion times and I've gotten zilch done, if I'm not paying attention to her she's crying or trying to get my attention again. Can you see how big she is now? She doesn't look like a puppy at all, she looks like a small version of an adult vizsla. She and Charger are getting along better, although he still thinks she's a pest, he plays with her willingly and seems to enjoy having company to wander outside with. Good thing - she just barely fits on our laps anymore so she needs to sit with someone!

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