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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sick As A Dog

Charger was fine until sometime after dinner last night - nothing specific, just got very quiet and didn't want to be bothered. Pearl tried to get him to play but gave up.We went to bed around 11 and I almost fell out around 1 am - Charger let loose with one of the loudest and most mournful howl I've ever heard. Pearl became hysterical right away and then of course, sigh, everyone had to go out. I'm hoping it's an ear infection, with Charger it's hard to pinpoint what's the matter. He's a bit better this morning, chased the stick a little bit and stole Pearl's food twice but after brief periods of activity he sinks right back down again. This is not good - especially with Copper having passed away just recently. David by the way did NOT take Copper's ashes back to LI with him. After all that strum and bother about how he didn't want Copper's remains so far away from home, yada yada yada now we are keeping him around. We are NEVER creamating and bringing home ashes again, all I envision is this row of little wooden boxes lining the entertainment center...... anyhow, I'm calling the vet and making an appt later - today is my half day and I think Charger will be alright until this afternoon. Jackson called last night and is having a great time in Tennesee. They went to the Ripley's Believe it or not museum and then to an aqurium, they're doing Dollywood today. I think he's enjoying this trip more than he thought he would. David and Ray are working steady on the kitchen inbetween restaurant visits and will be heading out to LI this coming weekend - I think they're both excited about that. And I'm back to work today. pooh.

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