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Sunday, April 9, 2006

Sunday Driving

I've wanted to go explore Cooper's Rock for the past few months. It's a park that was named for a fugitive cooper who was hiding from the law. He continued his trade of barrel making from the forest for many years and sold them to people living nearby. Here's the Official Website --> I planned to take Pearl today after a full night of rest. Pearl however, prevented the "full" part by barking and making me think there was a serial killer in the house for part of the night. I finally fell asleep about midnight and Pearl decided to spend the next 4 hours that I was sleeping having a Poo-Spree so that when she woke me up at 4 am - and who knows why since she no longer needed to go out - I could be greeted by poo in every room. The only other explanation would be the Serial Killer got scared, pooped all over and ran. I have to admit I am not the cheeriest person in the morning, most of the time I'm fairly grumpy. Being presented with a boatload of poop effectively pushed me WAY over to the dark side. So we got to the park around 8:30 am since I like to do my initial exploring without anyone around, the park is beautiful and we walked for about 45 minutes before heading home. As it gets warmer we'll stay longer  - not to mention I would prefer the REAL bathroom to the "pit toilet" which is just a professional outhouse( it would've been wise of me to skip the 4rth cup of coffee before leaving for the park...). I especially love the fact of the open window, I mean there's no one around to see you anyhow but it is a bit daunting. Jackson called from Va yesterday, they had a tornado watch but got thunderstorms. They're heading off to Tenn on Monday. David and Ray are having fun in NJ and are starting the kitchen this morning in between meals out at all the local restaurants.

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