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Friday, April 21, 2006

Poor Pearl

Pearl had some more shots yesterday and did well until bedtime. She threw up around 11pm a few times. David let her out to pee and then she insisted on sleeping with Jackson. When we got up this morning she was much worse for wear - lethargic, thin, wouldn't eat and her eyes had a thick yellow discharge. To add to the mix was:David lost a filling and had a dentist appt with a new dentist this morning, the pool guy was coming to give an estimate at 8 am, I had to leave early and Jackson of course had school. No rest for the wicked today. So Jackson and I were out the door at 7 am, David called and made an appt with the vet for 11:30, saw the pool guy,went to the dentist, took Pearl to the vet and made it home ten minutes after I did. The end result was: we cannot do the pool any cheaper and will just have to bite the bullet this year, David likes the new dentist and got his tooth fixed and Pearl just had a reaction to the shots and the discharge is irritation, possibly from all the yard work David's been doing. In other news, we got Pearl's papers back from AKC, her official AKC name is......Pearl The Squirrel, wouldn't it be hilarious if she won Westminister and we had to use that name? She got her little tag(it's like being in the Buck Rodgers Fan Club I suppose) and wears it along with her microchip tag. Next week at work should be interesting, everyone is leaving for points unknown and just me and another part time nurse are in the office to hold down the fort. Good thing I'm made of Sterner Stuff.

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