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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Yet Another Stupid Adventure By Julia E

I've got to say when I saw Weston Farm Rd I knew this was a Bad Idea. It actually put Mayfield Rd to shame, especially right after I went straight down hill over rocks and ruts and came around the corner. I almost called the office to tell them I had enjoyed my time working there and not to be sad. There's no picture of what happened next because when you're panicking that's not the first thing you think about. The ruts were deeper than my tires, lined on both sides with rocks, tree branches,etc. I couldn't back up - it was too steep and too close to the edge of the drop off, oh, and did I mention no one knew where I was? Crips - I didn't know where I was! So I had to turn my car around, getting out constantly to make sure my front tires weren't too close to the edge. Once I turned around I had to climb BACK UP the stinking road while trying to not slide off or go in a rut. See it is true - some people never learn and I happen to be one of them. When I called in to the office the first thing Susan said when I told where I'd been was "Oh dear God!" and she said it was the worst road I could've gotten on. Anyhoo, my Mom and cousin Amy are coming down to visit me tomorrow - I'm trying to train the cats to stay off the beds but no dice the cats said so they might have to share. We had a virus visit our computer last night, the Norton Antivirus sent me a little box that announced I had a virus and they couldn't do much about it. The virus was Trojan Abwiz.F, a delightful creature that immediately started trying to send out emails. The Norton and my server refused to send them so while I was trying to deal with containing the trojan  I did it through a sea of scanning and denied messages. The only funny thing was the Norton then popped up a window that assured me " all installed programs were running correctly" - good thing as I hate an incorrectly installed virus. I did manage to get it into quarentine and have run a couple of scans and it is gone. David and I are no longer storing our password though - Jackson said someone had been trying to log on as him with his password last week. David and Jackson were out mowing the lawn again - that's the third time and it's not even May!

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