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Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Love This Picture!

Jackson gave me that picture when he came home, he would probably kill me if he knew I sneaky scanned it, too bad - they look cute don't they? Becky's coming over today and we're going out to dinner tonight. We had a horrid thunderstorm last night followed by a Stupid Barking Dog that had a Stupid Yelling Owner. The dog barked from 10 until midnight with some moron that came out every 20 minutes and screamed at the dog. You would think after an hour or so it would occur to the person that shrieking wasn't working but apparently some people take much longer to figure that out. One of the problems with living in a rural area is everything echos and sounds carry very well - so if the dog in the lower neighborhood is barking it's head off it sounds like it's right in the room with you. It was too stuffy to close the window and then Pearl got all upset and I had to take her out for the first time in almost two weeks during the night. Charger is feeling much,much better and I've reduced his medication today and we'll see how he does. I've got to buy more birdseed today - they are eating like crazy, we refill it every other day now. David moved the birdfeeder to the tree out front, we can still see it but the cats cannot use it as a snack dispenser. The effect of this however, is the birds are now flocking to it, I looked out the other day and saw six of them at once piled on it!

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mosie1944 said...

I'm in the country too, and it's never quiet at night here.  We're close to a railroad track, so we hear that many times a day (and night).  Neighbor kids ride their stupid four-wheelers up and down the road as late as 10 PM (I'm usually in bed by 9).  And yes, we hear the occasional dog barking too.