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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The End Of Summer

While paddling around in the pool last night I noticed a few red leaves dotting the trees here and there. I can't believe summer is already coming to an end - the nights here are getting chillier and while it's still hot, there's a shift in tempeture. I took Jackson out driving yesterday - my new multi-tasking - I have him drive to all of my errands while I catch up on paperwork - and he's doing quite well. All of the students are back to WVU so it's an endless traffic jam in town, perfect for practice driving. It's a challenge if you're a new driver because not only is it stop and go, there are jaywalkers all over, people pulling into traffic, one way streets, etc. I even had him go to Krogers supermarket where all the students shop - the parking lot is a logistical nightmare and share's with the student bookstore and Burger King. He did very well, despite a running commentary on the jaywalkers. We did a bit of school shopping, all he wanted was a pair of pants for now. We have to measure him again because I think he grew again, I keep saying he can't get any bigger and he goes right ahead and does it anyhow.

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