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Monday, August 7, 2006

Just Another Day

The big problem with working the weekend is one day just rolls into another. I just had one visit per day all weekend -but it was far from here and by the time I got home half the day was gone. David woke up this morning and said "doesn't it feel like Sunday?" but to me it's just Monday all over again. We went to Sam's club yesterday, I stopped into AC Moore's hoping to find some more of that blue yarn I bought a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday while David was outside and I was off working, Pearl got into my knitting bag (of all things!) and managed to tie a full skein into a knot and I ended up having to throw the whole thing out. But, while I was talking to Kim on the phone yesterday I wound the other bag of blue yarn I had into balls and it looks like I'll have enough. If I don't I found the yarn that matches so I've got it covered in any case.  I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed, since I didn't think I woujld get my vacation I haven't done a bit of planning for it so it means now I have to get my oil changed, find my suitcase, etc and of course plan things out. I'm not sure if I'm going to try and drive straight through or stay overnight in PA and continue on in the morning. My problem is I think I might arrive in NYC around rush hour and on a Friday heading out to LI that would be a problem. If things haven't changed the traffic might be a "bit" heavy. And after having spent the past three years in areas where four cars and a cow are considered a traffic jam, I am not looking foward to it

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