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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Things I Will Never Eat

I touched a pig a last week!! A REAL pig with a snout and everything. There were two of them and they did smell, but were both totally cute. They had thier own basketball to play with and were running around thier pen like nobody's business. Unlike cows, they do not bite and attack people so I felt quite safe. Anyhoo, I'm on call this weekend but we've hired two per diem nurses that get called before me so hopefully all will be quiet on the western front as we are busy this weekend. Jackson starts school on Monday and we're still looking for some silly messenger bag he insists on having, so far no luck but I may try the campus bookstore as that sounds like an item they might have. He can just use last years until we find one. We've finally found a church pew for a reasonable price and will be picking that up today - it needs to be refinished and David will be shortening it up which shouldn't be too hard. A friend of mine knows someone who has a pew and they just took the end off, removed the extra and then popped the end back on so it's not a difficult fix. David and Jackson have been working on the room in progress off the kitchen this week, David's got a couple of jobs lined up for next week so he's been working around here for the past few days. He bought supplies at Lowes and accidently left the last sheet of flooring in the parking lot. I told him it had to be gone, but he called Lowes and asked - they told him to bring the reciept and they would just give him another one! Just like that, can you believe it? In other news, Adam called the other day, David said he sounded a bit better (he's been down in the dumps lately). He went on a field trip with the Navy and they climbed Mt Fuji! He made it all the way to the top and I think David said when you do that, they brand your walking stick.

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