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Thursday, August 10, 2006

One More Day

I  got through most of my work yesterday (close) to ontime and arrived home around 1 pm. I had to stop and get my oil changed and found the Jiffy lube guy must've either been talked to or had some complaints as I didn't have to spend the entire time fending off various fluid changes and other suggestions which tend to cost money. When I got home I got Jackson moving - I made him drive to all of our errands so I could do paperwork that needs to be handed in. I got everything done but the bathing suit - if you need a new bathing suit West Virginia IS NOT the place to look - the picking are very slim and the range goes from Mere Decoration to Wierdly Expensive. So I might be stuck with my old one. David priced out another job yesterday - this time of year there's a side effect to him pricing out jobs which is everyone has a garden. Therefore, everyone has way too many vegetables and are trolling around with grocery bags of zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc to palm off. I do like zucchini and have in fact, eaten two giant ones in the past week. When I got home there were THREE giant zucchini plus a large grocery bag of assorted excess from yet another garden. I'm not complaining - free is free and they tend to be very good but I'll have to start looking for recipes I suppose. Here's a very easy one by the way:

Saute chopped and peeled zucchini, onion and green peppers in a couple of tablespoons of veg oil.. Add salsa and continue to simmer until cooked.  I usually mix this with rice

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