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Monday, August 21, 2006

Things You Will Die For

Pearl's new hobby is when we go out, she destroys whatever she can get her teeth and paws on. The other night we came home and she'd located the yarn - and unwound about 12 skiens of it all over the living room and foyer, it was one of her more spectacular works that kept her hiding under the coffee table for part of the evening. I tried tying the basket shut but Jackson and I returned from the store to find the basket open and three balls of yarn neatly sitting in front of the entertainment center, like some kind of bizarre dog warning. So everything we like (or need) is now located as close to the ceiling as possible, the top of the entertainment center looks like a yard sale and all closets are kept firmly shut. I'm back to work today, I certainly don't feel like it but I'm sure once I get back it won't be so bad. I got my car inspected last week so that's done and managed to get things done this weekend. Last night was annoying, it seemed like everytime I sat down (finally!) something would need to be done. I went upstairs to get my robe around 8pm and noticed Mr. Lee was sitting on the very edge of the bed. That would be because she had vomited on the other side. Right down to the mattress. Sigh. In local news - The Jesus picture that they've been fighting over in Clarksburg - was stolen Thursday night from the high school!

 And here's a list of  National Weeks for August 21st - National Spongecake Week, National Spumoni Day (8/22), National Be An Angel, and National Radio Week.

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mosie1944 said...

My dog, Sadie, is pretty much past the chewing-up-everything stage, but she has a fascination with dirty socks.  So if you leave socks on the floor for long, at least one of them is going to disappear.  I'll find her on her favorite throw rug with the missing sock, looking very guilty.