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Sunday, August 13, 2006

We Are Here!

Sorry about the no pictures - I 'll be posting tons when I get back. Jackson and I left for LI on Friday around 1 pm with the idea that we'd drive until 6 pm or so and then look for a room. The problem with this was around 6 pm we found ourselves in an industrial type area around Lehigh Pa with nothing in sight. A few more miles down the road found us at a Marriott - they're usually midpriced but this was a conference center filled the brim with yuppies who can apparently afford the $179 STARTING RATE which I didn't want to pay to stay for a few hours. We traveled further and at this point I was past being done, on the side of the road was an older but clean looking motel with a family restaurant next to it. So we paid and took our bags up to the room. As we headed outside (please remember I am very tired and very stressed) I noticed some people that looked, well a bit sleazy I suppose would be the word I'm searching for. Hmm. So we go into the restaurant and I ask the teenage waitress about the motel and she said she doesn't know for sure BUT she heard that's where they put the just released prisoners and well, she thinks maybe people, you know, LIVE THERE. I have to say this didn't decrease my stress level at all. I'd been up since 4:30 am packing, I worked half a day and drove a hundred miles before we left for the trip, then we drove about 350, it was 7pm and I hadn't eaten all day. I was so upset I could barely eat the grilled cheese sandwich I'd ordered. After I didn't know what to do - so I was my usual self and went right to the manager to nicely ask about the clientele. I very nicely told him I heard that ex-cons and welfare people stayed here and I didn't think I would be safe. He was rather offended I think but was nice and said there were people that worked construction during the week that stayed there but didn't live there, there were no ex-cons and if anyone bothered me I could call the office as they had security all night. On our way back to the room I noticed there were work trucks and 18 wheelers parked in the lot and we had a good nights sleep. We were only 150 miles from here so we it only took us 3 hours and we arrived here in good time. I 'll write more tomorrow.

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