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Saturday, August 5, 2006

I Hate Glitches

I tried to download the pictures I'd taken today - it made the bingle noise but no transfer. After the 4rth time I realized I'd hit a Glitch and there was no fixing it. So I uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled,restarted - and it failed. So I did it again. I then sat back and contemplated the fact that if I whapped the computer as hard as I wanted,not only would it most likely not work, but I might be out a bit of money. So I used the other disc I had and it worked. That would be when I realized I had probably wiped out about 3 years worth of pictures that need to be transferred to a CD but I am way too lazy for that. Eek. But for some reason it didn't wipe out my archives and nothing was lost. I suppose NOW I should transfer them and get them off the computer but that would require An Effort which I simply not willing to put forth at this time. Don't you just love big words and phrases? In our paper today there was someone who was arrested for abusing a horse and the prosecution stated that "although he is somewhat mentally challenged he's able to compensate for the lack of ability." That is a totally fancy way of saying someone is, well stupid. But it sounds much nicer, doesn't it? So, I'm not being lazy, I'm just action challenged and unable to compensate for the lack at this time. Gosh, I feel better already! Do you like the pictures of Pearl the Pest (who is by the way Personal Space Challenged) - she now freely invites herself in whenever she feels the need to swim and paddles around likes it's nobody's business. And this Upcoming Week is: National Day Of Indigenous People (Aug 7th) which incidently is shared with National Leif Garrett Day, National Sexual Health Week, National Breastfeeding Awareness Week, and National Science Week. Since I'm not  heading for LI  until next Friday that will give me plenty of time to plot out my celebration of National Leif Garrett Day. Oh, wait. That's National Leif ERIKSON Day - I suppose it makes a tad more sense to have a day devoted to a famous viking that discovered North America first as opposed to a National Day devoted to teen singing idol that only I and three other people remember - but it doesn't sound like it'll be as much fun.

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